Authentic African Bamileke Table Tall

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The Bamileke Table combines contemporary styling with the exotic influence of Africa.
The Bamileke tables are the ultimate style statement in any contemporary or tribal inspired space, they can be used as a side table, coffee table or even a stool.

Each piece is remarkably made by hand carving a single tree trunk, making this a truly unique item.
The workmanship and time taken can be difficult to comprehend, the craftsman hollow out the centre of the tree, leaving an exterior that they carve with an intricate pattern.

These tables are natural and hand crafted.
As wood contracts and expands with moisture in the air, cracking can occur in the wood.
Fine cracks in the paintwork can be painted over or filled if necessary.
Add this unique furniture piece to your home interior today!

100% Natural Product.
Hand Carved in Africa.
Size : 60cm DIA x 60cm H (approx)

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