Collection: Lucky Thanka

A collection of a huge range of thangka paintings and singing bowls. Sourced in Nepal, this range of thangka paintings are made in various parts of Nepal especially in Himalayan and Mountainous region, famous for its beautiful artwork and predominantly casted and expertly finished by artisans of Nepal.

Thangka paintings are used to help guide the viewer toward spiritual liberation by providing reflections on the nature of reality and visions into what is yet to come.  The thangka is viewed not as just an ordinary image but as an evocation. Tibetan paintings are intended to bring archetypal elements out of the psyche. The primary intent is to help both the artist and the viewer reach nirvana through intense meditation. Consequently, the efforts or actions (karma) of the artist are transferred to the viewer. By meditating on these icons, it is possible to elevate one’s self to a higher level of consciousness.

On a deeper level thangka paintings can be seen as a visual expression of the highest state of consciousness, which is the ultimate goal of the Buddhist spiritual path. This is why a thangka is sometimes called a ‘roadmap to enlightenment’, as it shows you the way to this fully awakened state of enlightenment.

Artisians coming from a 3rd generation crafting family who continue to use traditional techniques for these exquisite pieces of art. From hand carving, to hand painting delicate and detailed designs, each product feels as unique as the artisan who created it with their time, dedication and energy.

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