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Rituals are simply any actions we take that have meaning beyond their appearance. They are fuelled by a conscious intention, whatever we choose that to be. Imbued with this essence, they have the power to return us to what matters. The very act of starting a ritual breaks routine patterns, placing us in a more receptive and connective state of mind. All ritual work is grounded in a key insight about the mind: our thoughts affect not only our psyches, but equally so our physical lives...

With this carefully considered kit (based off tools we’ve found to be helpful in our own lives) we invite you to create your own ritual, invoke your own magic, and connect to your own spirit.


- Upcycled Ceramic Incense Burner Pot

- 2 x hand poured soy tealights

- Incense blend pack (15g) (Ingredients: sage, chamomile, sandalwood, aloes wood, frankincense, oak bark, storax, nutmeg, cinnamon, mistletoe, Dragons Blood)

- 50ml 'CLEAR' natural aromatic mist (Nerolina and Tea Tree essential oils)

- Crystal Quartz rough crystal OR Selenite wand (depending on supplies)

- Palo Santo bundle

- Californian Sage stick (30g)

- Ritual information/suggested steps card

- Incense Burner instruction card

- Cotton storage bag


*With Flo's easy-to-use incense burner invention, there's no need to buy expensive charcoal anymore (Plus, incense burns much smoother than on charcoal). Intensity is adjustable, simply place the incense closer or further away from the candle's flame. On and off is easy - just blow out the flame!

**All of our candles are made with natural cotton/ wood wicks, pure essential oils and pure soy wax. Soy wax burns roughly 50% longer than unnatural alternatives. No Parabens, Silicones or PEGs.

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