Large Engraved Handmade Moroccan Leather Bag - Brown

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Large Engraved Handmade Moroccan Leather Bag, Boho Bags, Womens Leather Handbag, Large Bucket Bag, Festival Bags .
This Leather Shoulder Bag is 100% based on REAL LEATHER.

Disclaimer-designs embossed in the leather may vary slightly 

This Leather Fringe Purse made from a lot of pieces of real leather, the style of this leather bag inspired from a Moroccan Artisan and designed by a experts of Moroccan Traditions and Culture. This Leather Purse Crossbody featured by its structure because it is handcrafted by a real Artisan in Morocco. This Brown Leather Tote is 100% Handmade and it is in a great quality, This Brown Women's Handbag has a traditional method such as using a natural dyes. This Moroccan Leather Shoulder Bag contains a good protection way by including a natural oils and a beeswax, Further more this handmade leather bag has no chemicals matters ,so it is definitely a premium Leather and an eco-friendly.
This Leather Hobo bag will make your essential carrying a things very easy because it is comfortable and wonderful. This Moroccan Leather bag is suitable for all situations as travelling, parties, hanging out, biking and so on. This Moroccan Leather Tote Bag is the Good choice for you.


. Handmade and Hand dyed.


- Comfortable and Suitable.

- 100% LEATHER.

- 100% Handmade.


* Height: 14" / 36 cm

* Length: 14" / 36 cm

* Width : 4" / 11 cm

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