Hand-Stitched Floral Leather Journal

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Made in Australia- from a beautifully embossed leather hide, with each individual piece being handmade from start to finish.
This beautiful journal is made in beautiful chocolate brown colour with coffee dyed paper sheets

Each individual journal takes an average of about 2.5 hours from start to finish.

Key Features:
- Each piece individually handmade to order (ready in 1-2 days)
- 160 Vintage (Antique deckled edge paper) Sheets
- Deckled paper is 100% handmade using Australian coffee, see the process on Instagram: GL_Bags
- You can easily draw and write on this paper, and even use watercolors.

Steps to make it are as follows:
1) Leather is embossed using high-pressure presses.
2) Paper is deckled in our backyard using Coffee and dried out in Australian Sun
3) Leather sheets are hand dyed and leather is dried in Sun
4) Leather is cut into pieces, and holes are made for cover for paper and thread
5) Each individual coffee died paper is handstitched into the leather

Size: 7x5 inches

Weight: 350grams

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