Seven Sisters Festival was nearly three weeks ago, and we’ve barely come down since!

For those not in the know, Seven Sisters Festival is an empowering and inspiring celebration of sisterhood. A 3 day women’s festival brimming with uplifting workshops, art, yoga, storytelling, dance and music, Seven Sisters is a vibrant, soul-nourishing event for women from all walks of life to come together to connect, create and grow.

Over 3 gloriously sunny days in Mt Martha, women journeyed from far and wide to heed the gentle yet compelling call of Seven Sisters – to take time out from the world to tend to their own personal journey. Amidst the beautiful surrounds of Mother Nature, Seven Sisters embraced with open arms thousands of women ready to step into a world of self-discovery; to immerse themselves in teachings about self-love, feminine wisdom and self-expression.

"It really has felt like a self-nourishing gift to be here," Michelle from Byron Bay told us.

A talented stilt walker with the whimsical Sacred Circus Entertainment crew, Michelle opened up about why she felt Seven Sisters was such a transformative event for women.

“I’m involved with many festivals around the country and I could actually feel the intention of this festival before I arrived. I just knew there was going to be lots of sharing and tears and hugs, and just diving deep with my sisters. It has been that and more.

The difference of being at a festival where music isn’t the primary focus, it’s more about the workshops, the sharing of stories, the learning – it’s amazing. Gathering with women in a way that is supportive and nurturing and gentle, it feels like a safer space to do all those things. There’s no other festival I know that is like this.”

Seven Sisters encourages women to design their own festival experience based on their individual spiritual needs. From healing sessions to psychic readings and storytelling, Seven Sisters has a huge workshop program to rival any festival across the world.

As we explored the vibrant, sprawling festival grounds, there was what felt like a beautiful sense of feminine kinship radiating from the crowds. Amongst the female festival goers were mothers and daughters, sisters, groups of friends, partners and work colleagues, as well as women who made the pilgrimage to Seven Sisters alone. All came in search of new connections, new horizons and a renewed sense of self.

While wandering around we bumped into Bec, a dynamic, drum-beating pocket rocket who cheerfully warned us from the outset, “I don’t tell short stories!”

Bec explained to us what brought her to the festival,

“I’ve been a full time Mum of 3 girls for 14 years. Recently I went through a rocky patch which involved separating from my husband. It was during this difficult period when I heard the call of this festival. At the time I had $400 in my account. This ticket was $330. It was calling, calling, calling me.”

We asked Bec what she loved about Seven Sisters Festival, and what her most memorable experiences had been so far.

“The energy we harbour from negative events in our lives, this festival just gets it out. All the workshops, markets and ladies you meet. Some people are here just walking around on their own. Not everyone’s hippie or punky dressed, we all just come to express ourselves as we are. I’m actually going to be reading some poetry here tonight based on the experiences I’ve been through.

I really loved the drumming this morning. Oh my god! It was 2 hours, it was amazing, really powerful! And the singing. Even if you’re not a singer, when you’re in such a big group, you just kind of naturally find your place and you just join in. Someone asked if it was a choir, it was that good! It was a really beautiful experience.”

Between exploring the colourful market stalls (including our own!), tasting the variety of delicious foods on offer and taking a peek at the many arts and crafts activities including the Weaver’s Den and DIY dreamcatcher classes, we ventured across the festival grounds to experience some of the many healing, spiritual and dance workshops on offer.

One unforgettable workshop we experienced was aptly titled ‘Dancing Freedom: Super Natural’.

Under the huge ‘Bodywise Space’ tent around 150 women came together to let go of their inhibitions, dance away negative energies and express themselves through a practice known as ‘moving meditation.’

The music began to a gentle chilled-out beat to slowly focus the mind and ease in to the flow of movement. Gradually the beat intensified until it reached a thumping, trance-like rhythm to synchronise mind and body and reinvigorate the spirit.

This experience seemed to have a profound impact on a few of the women in the crowd, their emotions spilling out to the surface as they flailed to the beat and the chants of the instructor, “Unharness yourself”, “You’ve got the power”, “You are sovereign.”

A mantra that symbolises what this inspiring women’s festival is all about.

Seven Sisters Festival will be back March 2nd-4th, 2018 in Mt Martha. For more info check out their website.

Images by Ribbons and Paper Photography for ISHKA.

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