Why We Love Brass ...

It’s been an exciting week here at ISHKA HQ! At long last, our much-anticipated, exclusive brass jewellery collection has landed in stores. Let’s just say there's been happy dances and high vibes all round. Why are we so mesmerised by this brass jewellery range, you may wonder? Well, one look really says it all. But it’s not just the glowing beauty of each lovingly handcrafted piece that has us beaming. Brass jewellery has a fascinating history that dates back centuries, and is said to hold mysterious powers that leave our mind, body and spirit shining just as brightly as the golden metal... Continue Reading

Rose Quartz: The Love Stone

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4 Creative Christmas Decorating Ideas

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3 Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas

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Rare & Unique: Afghan Kilim Rugs

If there’s one thing we love at ISHKA, it’s one-of-a-kind... Continue Reading

Winter Solstice Candle Ceremony

Winter solstice, the shortest day and longest night of the... Continue Reading

The Meaning of the Om Symbol

Have you ever wondered what the Om symbol means? If you have... Continue Reading

ISHKA in Time: Staff Stories

Happy birthday to us! This week marks our 47th birthday,... Continue Reading

New Boho Fashion: A Wander in the Winter Light

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Behind the Scenes: ISHKA on the Road

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ISHKA in Time: Story of a Store Manager

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The ISHKA Mother's Day Gifting Guide

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Top 4 Gemstones & their Meanings

Since ancient times, gemstones have been revered as powerful symbols... Continue Reading

Ancient Art: Henna-Inspired Furniture

Henna art is an ancient form of body adornment originating... Continue Reading

5 Ways to Style with a Mandala Bedspread

A mandala bedspread is a must-have for any boho-inspired boudoir. But... Continue Reading

Salt Lamp Benefits: Why We Love Them

Himalayan salt lamps hold a special place in our hearts... Continue Reading

ISHKA in Time: The Flagship Store and Early Years

ISHKA was founded in 1971 by Michael Sklovsky, a local... Continue Reading

Legend of the Dreamcatcher

Originating with the Native American Ojibwe and Lakota tribes, dreamcatchers... Continue Reading

The Making of Teak Root Furniture

Because we admire the environment, we seek to surround ourselves with... Continue Reading

Creative Ideas for a Very ISHKA Christmas

A season that truly celebrates colour, spirit and kindness, Christmas... Continue Reading

Top 5 gemstones to give for Christmas

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ISHKA Kitchen: Gluten-Free Gingerbread Cookies

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5 Divine Oil Blends for Summer

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Meaning of the Mandala

The mandala is an ancient meditative symbol that reveals the... Continue Reading

A Barefoot Adventure…

Inspired by nature in all her beauty and abundance of colour,... Continue Reading

Silver + Spirit: ISHKA Hill tribe Jewellery

Hill tribe jewellery is named after village tribes that have... Continue Reading

Ancient Inspirations: Indian Jewellery

In India, the desire to beautify oneself with precious ornaments... Continue Reading

Bohemian Tea Party

From flower crowns to free-spirits, hoola hoops to handpainted tea sets, welcome... Continue Reading

Kuchi Jewellery: Ancient meets Urban

With a history dating back 3000 years, Kuchi jewellery is... Continue Reading

Spirit of Sisterhood

With Seven Sisters Festival on the horizon, the spirit of... Continue Reading

ISHKA at Seven Sisters Festival

Seven Sisters Festival was nearly three weeks ago, and we’ve... Continue Reading

Clayton Superstore: Katie’s Favourite Finds

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4 Decor Looks for Every ISHKA-loving Mum

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Autumn Daze

We luvvvvvvve autumn feels. As the air slowly turns cool and... Continue Reading

Rose and Beau: A Mother’s Love

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Dreaming Into Dusk

Across the earth the free spirits roamed, daydreaming beneath the... Continue Reading

Meet the Artists: ISHKA Comes Alive!

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Our Top 6 World Furniture Finds

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Fitzroy in Time

ISHKA has been bringing the world closer to Fitzroy for... Continue Reading

Boatwood Furniture: A Story from the Sea

ISHKA is often likened to an Aladdin’s Cave of sorts;... Continue Reading

Style Inspiration: ISHKA Floor Rugs

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Sundance: Spring/Summer Collection

Featuring soft floaty fabrics, divine embroidered textures and vibrant bohemian... Continue Reading

A Textile Tradition: Indian Block Print Quilts

Indian block printing is a traditional form of dying and... Continue Reading

4 Essential Oil Blends for Winter

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Bringing Africa to ISHKA

Earlier this year founder of ISHKA, Michael Sklovsky, set out... Continue Reading

Majestic Moroccan Decor

Featuring a host of exotic wares including ottomans, rugs and... Continue Reading

Handmade for the Home: Indian Suti Collection

Featuring cushions, ottomans and elaborate wall-hangings, this hand-embroidered range weaves... Continue Reading