Himalayan salt lamps hold a special place in our hearts at ISHKA HQ.
A long-time favourite, our followers love them just as much as we do!

So what’s all the fuss about?
Here’s our top reasons why no home should be without a salt lamp!

Salt lamp on bedside table

Salt lamps can naturally improve air quality

In these high-tech times, the air we breathe is bombarded daily with unhealthy positive ions produced by electrical devices.  Salt lamps counteract this by releasing negative ions that strike a balance in the atmosphere, bringing the air back to a healthy, purified state.

Said to clear the air of dust, pollen and all kinds of airborne debris, salt lamps work by drawing in airborne water molecules containing trapped contaminants.  When a salt lamp is switched on and begins to warm, the purification process kicks off by evaporating the collected moisture and releasing cleansing negative ions into the air.

Salt lamp in bedroom

Salt lamps are well-known for their health benefits

Himalayan pink salt is regarded as the purest salt on Earth, and is naturally rich in iodine and essential minerals. As salt lamps can purify the air and have a calming effect on the mind and body, it’s not hard to see why many users report an improvement in their physical and mental well-being, including:

  • improved concentration
  • higher energy levels
  • better quality of sleep
  • reduced stress and anxiety
  • minimised allergy and asthma symptoms

Himalayan salt

Salt lamps can transform any room into a sanctuary

If you’re looking to bring a zen-like aura to your space, a salt lamp is a must. Most popular for use in bedrooms and lounge areas, salt lamps can be placed anywhere in your home or office where you wish to freshen the air and create a sense of tranquility.

Salt lamp on book shelf

Seen as a symbol of a natural lifestyle, salt lamps allow us to capture the beauty of nature indoors. The distinctive organic form of a salt lamp brings a natural charm to any space, while its warm pinkish-orange glow instantly creates a relaxed and soothing atmosphere. The very reason why massage rooms, spas and yoga studios love them too.

Salt lamp and Shiva

Quick tips on keeping your salt lamp happy

Does your salt lamp mysteriously leak water?  If so, don’t worry – it’s totally normal! When switched off for long periods of time, salt lamps are prone to ‘cry’ as there is no heat source available to evaporate the collected moisture.

No one wants a sad salt lamp, so here’s a couple of tips to keep your lamp happy:

  • Keep your salt lamp switched on whenever you’re home  
  • When heading out, place a plastic bag over the lamp to prevent it from attracting moisture
  • When leaving your salt lamp off for long periods, unplug the cord and separate it from the lamp, then wrap the lamp in plastic

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Images by Ribbons & Paper Photography for ISHKA.

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Sandra Lean

Since turning in my Ishka salt lamps in every room I have definitely felt more centred and at ease I love the earring glow it gives to each space and I just want more!!

Kathleen Mark

Thanks for sharing such an informative article. I also have Himalayan salt lamps in my house. These lamps are just more than awesome. They are not only beautiful but also have healthy and healing benefits for human mind and body as you have mentioned above. They eliminate all the dust particles and smoke from the air and make it pure and fresh. They help me in relieving stress and depression and improve the sleep cycle. I bought my lamps from ittefaqco at a very reasonable price and they are of great quality.

Isabelle Reed

I love all your salt lamp images. I wish I could capture the same beauty of my salt lamps but I suck at taking good pictures. Sigh!
I have two salt lamps which I got from Saltean and I absolutely adore it. The soothing and warm glow releases my whole day stress and gives a great comfort to my mind and body.
Best Regards!

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