If you love cultural homewares that tell a story, then put on a cuppa and take a few minutes to cast your eyes across our new block printed homewares collection all the way from Jaipur. 

Featuring a stunning assortment of cushions and rugs, this handblock printed collection makes a colourful, artful statement in any space.

ISHKA Block printed rugs

ISHKA block printed cushions

ISHKA block printed rugs

History and process of block printing 

Block printing is a traditional Indian form of dying and colouring fabric using wooden blocks that dates as far back as the 12th century.

Originating in the Gujarat and Bengal regions of India, block printing involves the use of wood blocks to produce decorative motifs repeated across the fabric. Each wood block is carefully handcarved to produce a relief pattern in which the negative space is chiseled away and the motif raised, ready for imprinting.  Prints are traditionally inspired by nature and Mughal architecture.

Block printing also involves a careful process of fabric preparation. Before fabrics can be printed, each piece is repeatedly cleaned and bleached to remove impurities and ensure dyes set evenly. Traditionally, methods for treating fabric involve the use of camel dung, soda ash and castor oil.

Once the fabric is printed with the artisan's selection of blocks using a dye fixative or mordant, the fabric is then placed in the sun to dry.

ISHKA Block printed cushions

ISHKA Block printed rugs

ISHKA Block printed rugs

ISHKA block print collection

Featuring cushions and rugs in a beautiful assortment of colours, sizes and designs, the ISHKA block print collection is a coming together of bold and geometric patterns inspired by particular tribal cultures. 

In this range you'll find designs influenced by the craftsmanship of the Maharaja era, with block printed patterns drawing inspiration from ancient architectural forms found in minarets, arches and hanging balconies. 

ISHKA Block printed cushions

The nomadic Banjara community of India also provided design inspiration for this range. Colourful Banjaran embroideries, pompoms and tassels are used as further embellishments to the vibrant array of block printed designs.

ISHKA Block printed cushions

ISHKA Block printed rugs

Already have a spot in mind for one of these beautiful block printed cushions or rugs?

Keep an eye out for this range next time you're in store, or you can shop our Indian block printed collection here. ❤️


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