If you’re looking to create a space that is comfortable and captures your sense of style, look no further than a beautiful bohemian floor rug from ISHKA.

Offering extra warmth in winter and added style all year through, a floor rug is a simple way to bring a space to life with colour, pattern and texture. If you’re a savvy ISHKA shopper, a floor rug needn’t cost you the earth either.

Check out our styled rooms below to see just how a floor rug can create a cosy space you’ll never want to leave. Gathered from village communities in India and Morocco, our vast rug collection is all things whimsical, warm and world-inspired.

– Reader’s Retreat –

– Rainbow Revival –

– Boho Bungalow –

– Lush Loft –

Feeling inspired? Explore the ISHKA floor rug collection and find the perfect piece to suit your home!

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Michelle Dederer

I shop at the ishka store at cardiff nsw. I love it. Its my all time favourite shop. I could live there. Xxx

Meredith West

I love it all. Beautiful work.

Meredith West

I love it all. Beautiful work.

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