Do you admire interior style that is original, bright and quirky? Then you’re going to love the ISHKA Patchwork collection!

A signature design from our spectacular global range, the ISHKA Patchwork collection comes all the way from Rajasthan, India.

Inspired by the mesmerising jewel tones of the subcontinent, this range celebrates the cultural vibrancy that India is renowned for through rich colours and vivid pattern work. 

ISHKA Patchwork armchair

ISHKA Patchwork armchair

Showcasing an array of polka-dot, striped and floral Art Nouveau patterns, the textured effect of each piece is created through a heated fabric method known as ‘Devoré’ or ‘burnout’. During this process, sections of fabric are literally ‘burnt out’ to create a semi-transparent, cut-work type pattern with a sheer or contrasting backing.

As you can see, the results are just stunning!

ISHKA Patchwork collection

ISHKA Patchwork bolster cushion

ISHKA Patchwork throw

If you’re looking to make a colourful statement in your home, our patchwork armchairs are a must.

Available in a brilliant range of colours, each patchwork armchair is handcrafted from sustainably-sourced hard woods such as acacia and mango wood. Boasting large, plush armrests and a mid-century modern design, they’re the perfect armchair to cosy into and admire your own fantastic taste.

ISHKA Patchwork armchair

ISHKA Patchwork armchair

ISHKA Patchwork armchair

From armchairs to cushions, wallhangings to ottomans, each unique patchwork design has been lovingly crafted to bring your home to life with colour, texture and the spirit of India.

Colour yourself happy and take a journey to India with the ISHKA Patchwork collection, available online and in stores!

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