Henna art is an ancient form of body adornment originating in Egypt and India. Used as a means of beautification and artistic expression for thousands of years, this beautiful form of temporary tattoo is most commonly used for religious ceremonies, weddings and cultural festivals.

Inspired by this ancient art form, master craftsmen in Rajasthan have designed a stunning collection of handpainted furniture and homewares decorated in intricate henna artwork. A true celebration of colour and traditional Indian artistry, these decorative statement pieces also feature beautiful floral designs and are a wonderful option for adding a cultural story to your home decor!

With 50-80% off our entire furniture range, now is the time to make one of these handpainted treasures yours! Take a look at our henna-inspired range below and be sure to explore our full furniture collection here.  

10 Drawer Cabinet

ISHKA Handpainted Bedside

ISHKA Handpainted Bedside Drawers

ISHKA Handpainted Drawers

ISHKA Handpainted Mirror

ISHKA Handpainted Screen

ISHKA Handpainted Console

ISHKA Handpainted Box

ISHKA Handpainted Chai Table

ISHKA Handpainted Side Tables

ISHKA Handpainted Cabinet

ISHKA Elephant Handpainted Table

ISHKA Elephant Handpainted Table


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