Did you know that the very same trees that grow juicy, tropical mango fruits can be made into unique furniture? Well it’s true! ISHKA mango wood designs are sourced from old, non-productive mango trees found in Jodhpur and Indonesia.

An exotic and durable hardwood that is ideal for craftsman designs, mango wood is well-known for its rustic charm and rich depth of colour, offering a multitude of grains and earthy hues from browns to tans, yellows to greens, and even shades of black. Mango wood is even known to glow once a piece is finished!

ISHKA Mango wood furniture

ISHKA Mango wood cabinet

ISHKA Mango wood drawers

ISHKA Mango wood wall art

Stunning and sustainable, for many years our mango wood range has been a treasured highlight of our global collection. Showcasing a wide variety of beautiful furniture and homewares pieces, explore the range and you’ll find artisanal wonders from carved bedside drawers to coffee tables, candle holders to photo frames.

A beautiful mango wood design that has been most popular is our white-wash range. This enchanting collection features intricate carvings inspired by nature and a rustic white-wash finish, lending each piece a light and dreamy vibe.

ISHKA Mango wood drawers

ISHKA Mango wood cabinet ISHKA Mango wood bowl
ISHKA Mango wood wall art ISHKA Mango wood side table
ISHKA Mango wood coffee table 

Also keep your eye out for our inspired Mehrab collection crafted from mango wood. These pieces are defined by their Arab-inspired arches and bring a wonderful exotic presence to any space they occupy.

ishka mehrab mango wood frame

If you're looking to bring the charm of timber and unique craftsmanship into your home, look no further than our majestic mango wood furniture collection. Shop the range online or see it in store for yourself!

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